Monday, November 2, 2009

My Karma Just Ran Over My Dogma

Do you believe in karma?  Normally I would say that I do not, but it seems that I might need to adjust my thinking, in light of events after my brilliant post yesterday extolling the virtues of Bangkok traffic, wherein I virtually praised the city's vehicular movement, and I quote:
I find the way traffic here moves to be almost beautiful, when it's moving. (emphasis added)
That's right, today traffic was most definitely NOT moving.  I left work later than usual and had to catch a cab home.  After about fifteen minutes in the cab I dozed off.  When I came to, about ten minutes later, we were still on the same back street.  Normally it takes between five and ten minutes to get from the embassy to the expressway.  Today it took almost FORTY minutes.  It took two hours to get home, and that included the cab drivers deft maneuvering to get us out of the jam and onto an alternate route.  I tipped him generously, though; it could have easily been three hours.

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  1. Holy Cow! You poor man! Have to say we don't miss DC traffic!