Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh Yes, She Did Eat That...

As our good friend Heidi recently blogged, McDonald's here in Thailand has decided to offer a radical new delicacy as part of their dessert menu (Heidi, you can thank me later for the serious bump in traffic to your blog caused by my two faithful readers--thanks Mom, hi Maggie!).  And my dear wife, being the intrepid woman she is, decided that she simply had to give it a go at our most recent family outing to the Golden Arches.

I made that picture extra large so you can see what highlighted.  Yes indeed, my friends, Mali did in fact purchase and consume the McDonald's Broccoli Pie.  Remember folks, this is the same country that offers vanilla ice cream with corn swirl (KFC) and the taro and corn dessert pie (gee, thanks Burger King, not sure what I would have done without that in my life...).

Not only did Mali herself partake, she asked our children to taste it.  Anne said she got lucky and only had some of the cheese.  Benjamin, a self-proclaimed broccoli-phile, said that he really liked it.  After finishing said "delicacy" (I use that word in the same context I would for those fried insects you can buy from street vendors), Mali said that it was a little too sweet, as the outside was exactly the same as what they use for their apple pies.

I'll take their word for it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The last in our series of blog posts by my children.  This is Sarah's entry.

this morning dad asked who stuck their finger in the breakfast cake. it wasn't me, or maggie or anne. it couln't be ben or jane, a, because jane can't reach the stove.and b, because ben wasn't in the kitchen the whole morning ecxept for breakfast time, and c, ben and jane's fingers are not as big as the mark. we all thought it was anne because she said ," i don't touch things that are hot!" we all gasped{ecxept for anne} because how would she KNOW it was hot if she didn't touch it. but then she said, "i know because it just came out of the oven."
after i got ben for breakfast and we said prayer dad said HE did it by saying,"i did it. i was carrying the breakfast cake with one hand and the mitt got in it."
then we all ate breakfast.

Enchiladas v.s. Jane by Anne

Part Two in a series of three guest blog posts.  This entry comes from my oldest spawn, Anne.

Jane is a picky eater. Last night, Mom made us enchilada casserole before she and Dad went to the movies. It was hard to get Jane to eat because of several reasons.
1. She fell asleep on the floor
2. She does not like anything that's not french toast, bagels, toast, cereal, Lucky Charms marshmallows, and breakfast cake topping.
3.She doesn't always know what she is eating.

I fed her a small piece of chicken, she took 5 minutes to chew it, and then I told her to sit up. Before I commanded her to sit up, I asked her if she liked it, and she replied saying "I looooove it!"

She sat up and saw the enchilada on her plate. Ten seconds later there was a ground up lump of slimy chicken in my hand, and some bits on the floor.

A little while later she took another bite, after knowing what it was. Instead of extending my hand to let her empty her mouth of chickeny and creamy tortillas, I told her to spit it up in the toilet. It worked but I hope she flushed.

Elephants by Maggie the Aw-EE-Sum

This is the first in a series of blog posts written by my lovely children.  Our first entry comes from Maggie.

One day we were going to a chicken place. About halfway there everybody said "There's an elephant on the road!" Except me. I said "Where?" Dad said "There." He pointed outside, on the road. I still didn't see it. I couldn't see an elephant. Soon I looked over and I saw an elephant. And it was a big one! On the way home we saw another one. Sarah named it Stake. It might have been the same one.

Peace out home dogs!