Monday, March 1, 2010

Feels Like Fall...

I've had this repeated quasi-surreal experience over the last two weeks or so where I've stepped outside of the building in the late morning or early afternoon and I swear it feels like those Indian summer days--oh shoot, am I allowed to use that term?  Maybe I should call it a Native American warm-weather event in proximity to the autumnal equinox...

Anyway, I have gone outside and with the sun shining just so and a lovely breeze blowing the dried leaves across the pathways, it feels a lot like those fantastic early fall days (and don't ask me why the trees here have decided that February and March are the appropriate time to drop massive amounts of leaves.  I have no clue, and I don't speak to trees in any language.  But the embassy moat is so full of leaves some mornings that you can barely see the monitor lizards swimming there).  Those of you who have lived in places that have four seasons know the days I'm talking about--and yes, that was a deliberate dig at my friends who have lived only in California, Thailand, or other such places where it never really gets cold.  Those times in late September when the nights and mornings are crisp, but my mid-afternoon it gets nice and warm and it's just really nice.  That's the feeling I've had when I've walked outside.

And then I take another ten steps or so, and the fact that it's Bangkok and it's 90 degrees and wicked humid kicks me back to reality as I start perspiring profusely.  And I'm usually wearing a necktie.  But seriously, for maybe 30 seconds or so, it's awesome.


  1. wait... you have a moat at the embassy?

  2. We totally have a moat. What we really need, though, is a drawbridge and/or portcullis. Come visit, I'll show you.

  3. I had a singular memorable experience like this in Ecuador. You know, 110 degrees with 100% humidity and all of a sudden a cloud came along, darkened the sky, and a little burst of cool wind hit my face. And that wet ozone smell. It happened only once and made me homesick for days.