Friday, March 4, 2011

Smoking in Thailand

Thailand has some of the most disturbing anti-smoking pictures, ever.  And by law they are required to put them on the cigarette packages.  Not being a smoker myself, I really have no problem with this.

I do, however, have an issue when pictures like this

are right next to the cash register at the cafeteria here at the embassy.  I mean nothing says, "Mmm, can't wait to dig into my yummy pad thai!" quite like the sight of what's left of someone's nicotine-coated gums and teeth.  And trust me, that's one of the least gruesome of the cigarette packages out there.  Pass the som tam, please.

I do have to admit however, that one morning last week in my I'm-up-and-moving-around-but-that-doesn't-mean-I'm-awake (ลุกแต่ไม่ตื่น) state I thought that one of the Thai cigarette brands was "Khong Thep" (ของเทพ), which would translate to "Heavenly."  I found that deliciously ironic, right up until, in a moment of greater mental clarity (this morning), I double checked and realized the brand name was actually "Krong Thip" (กรงทิพย์)  Boy, would that have been embarrassing to blog about!

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  1. AAAAAAAAH!! MY EYES!! Keep on blogging Daddy, but that picture is going to give me nightmears. His teeth are even worse that mine, and you know it!! Right?