Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh Yes, She Did Eat That...

As our good friend Heidi recently blogged, McDonald's here in Thailand has decided to offer a radical new delicacy as part of their dessert menu (Heidi, you can thank me later for the serious bump in traffic to your blog caused by my two faithful readers--thanks Mom, hi Maggie!).  And my dear wife, being the intrepid woman she is, decided that she simply had to give it a go at our most recent family outing to the Golden Arches.

I made that picture extra large so you can see what highlighted.  Yes indeed, my friends, Mali did in fact purchase and consume the McDonald's Broccoli Pie.  Remember folks, this is the same country that offers vanilla ice cream with corn swirl (KFC) and the taro and corn dessert pie (gee, thanks Burger King, not sure what I would have done without that in my life...).

Not only did Mali herself partake, she asked our children to taste it.  Anne said she got lucky and only had some of the cheese.  Benjamin, a self-proclaimed broccoli-phile, said that he really liked it.  After finishing said "delicacy" (I use that word in the same context I would for those fried insects you can buy from street vendors), Mali said that it was a little too sweet, as the outside was exactly the same as what they use for their apple pies.

I'll take their word for it.


  1. Doe NOT sound very appetizing! At least you can get your serving if veggies in at McDonalds.

    Love the posts by your kids!! Very cute!

  2. Yum! It sounds a little like a quiche - not bad, but dessert? Apple turnovers at McD sounds a little better. Good for Benjamin!