Saturday, September 3, 2011

Guest Blogger: Is This Guy SERIOUS?

Greetings from Brent's legs*.  More specifically, his thighs, that large mass in the upper part of his legs that are the primary muscles used when Brent--hereafter referred to as "the Boss"--walks or runs. 

(For the record, yes, I know that technically speaking it's impossible for my legs to talk.  It's also impossible for them to formulate an independent thought, let alone access the Internet, log into my blog and type.  It's a literary device.  Work with me on this one, people.)

Let us be frank right up front--today the Boss went for a five-and-a-half mile run, and we're feeling it.  Running is supposed to be fun, right?  The Boss has done a fair bit of running over the years, so there must be something enjoyable about it.  I mean it must be, because doesn't the Boss look like he's having fun in the following photos?

Well, he looks like he's having fun in one of those pictures.  The Boss--Brent, not Bruce Springsteen--is trying to convince himself that he didn't push all that hard today, but we're just a wee bit sore now. We're recruiting other body parts to help us convince the Boss that he shouldn't run again for at least a week.  So far we've got the calves on our side, but they're hurting worse than us right now and are laying low--they're just happy they didn't cramp like they did a couple of weeks ago--but they are totally on board with our protest.  It's also tough to get other body parts on our side because that smart-aleck pituitary gland has been releasing endorphins into the Boss' system all night.  Cheap play, my friend.

We can't get the feet to join our cause, either.  Those two are ecstatic that the Boss went for a run at all.  Then again, we think the feet are crazy.  I mean, seriously, who else could look like the picture below and think, "Hey, whatever that was that made us look like this, let's do it again!" 
But let's be fair, there aren't very many muscles in the feet, so something like a long run really doesn't wear on them to the same degree it does us big muscles, especially since the Boss wore his KSOs and didn't do this run barefoot, like he sometimes does.

We've also got the Boss' waist campaigning against us, too.  The waist probably does have a point that the past few months has been tough, with the reduced levels of activity and resultant tighter fit on the Boss' pants cutting off some of the oxygen to the waist.  We've told the waist to just suck it in and deal, but lately the waist has said that it's fed up with all the pressure it gets from the belt.

We suppose we should just suck it up and accept our fate.  Actually, we should be pretty proud of what we do.  Every day we get the Boss where he needs to go, and even though we complain a bit when the Boss pushes us hard, but we haven't let him down yet.  The last few months have been rough, with the big move and all the driving, with very little time for us all to get outside and move.  Truth be told, we secretly enjoy the workouts, we just want the Boss to be more consistent so that we can go as long and as intense as the Boss wants, anytime he wants.

Perhaps we should go to bed, just in case the Boss decides to make good on his threat to run again tomorrow...

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