Friday, July 4, 2014

If You Give a Brent a Blog*

If you give a Brent a blog, he'll want to write about lots of things that you might find boring. Like running. Especially running. But on occasion he will blog about other things. Like food.

Mentioning food will make Brent think about the pizza they had at work the day before Independence Day to celebrate America's birthday.

And if you give a Brent too much pizza at work, the chances are he will come home feeling sluggish.  When he gets home, the Brent will probably be torn between giving in to his feelings of sluggishness and wanting to go for a run because it has finally stopped raining. And because most of the Brent's blog posts deal with running in some form or another.

The pause in the rain will remind the Brent of the powerful storm that he witnessed from the top floor of the building in which he works. That storm brought amazing amounts of rain, accompanied by wicked crazy wind that broke tree limbs, all while his coworker was out getting pizza (that man is a true American hero, by the way).

The Brent will decide that going for a run is in fact a good idea, because it will make him feel better mentally as well as physically. Even the resumption of rain won't keep the Brent from going out for a run, because he knows that summer rain actually feels quite nice.

The pizza that he ate will probably make the Brent feel bloated and sluggish as he starts running. Maybe he shouldn't call it "running" at that point, because he's not likely to be moving very fast. It will take a little while for him to loosen up and actually feel good enough to really call what he's doing "running."

While he's running, the Brent will have lots of interesting mental conversations with himself that would make people question his sanity. That's why he will keep them to himself, unless he decides to blog about them. Really scary stuff.

Speaking of scary, because he left for his run after 7:30 at night, it will start to get dark before the Brent gets home.

Because of the rain and because it's summertime in Virginia, however, it will also be nice and humid.

The warm humidity will bring out fireflies. Seeing the fireflies will get that song by Owl City stuck in the Brent's head for the last mile-and-a-half of his run.

And that will make him smile. Might even make the Brent giggle a little bit. When he gets home, he might even call his children to come out and enjoy the light show put on by the fireflies. And there will probably be more smile, more laughter, and happy hearts.

All that running and smiling and giggling and happiness will probably make the Brent want to blog about it.

*My utmost and sincerest apologies to Laura Numeroff.

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