Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Keeping Peace in the Family

It recently--as in just this afternoon--came to my attention that one of the unnamed members of my family was a little hurt when picture in the header of this blog was changed to a photograph that no longer contained the family.  How was I to know that putting a picture of me with a huge fish would cause so much angst among my progeny?

Anyway, in the spirit of nostalgia, and mainly for my own entertainment, here are the series of pictures that have graced the header of Soderblogger since its inception in 2009.

The original 2009 Soderblogger photo.  Look how little the kids were!  This was before we went to Thailand.  Right before we went to Thailand.

Early 2011, family photo at the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya.  And yes, I am wearing FiveFingers.

Mid-2011 on the grass in front of our house, right before we left Thailand.  The kids were still much smaller than they are today.  And fortunately there were no snakes in that grass.

2013 at Cannon Beach in Oregon.  The sun was obviously very bright and in everybody's eyes.  Not at all like that rainy day when The Inferno emerged courtesy of The Goonies.

2017 with the massive amberjack I caught.  And no family because apparently I'm a heartless, cruel man, hence this update.

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