Saturday, November 3, 2018

I Stand All Corrected

In my previous post I almost casually dropped a line that I didn’t like the local Coke brew in this part of the world. Well, after some continued taste testing—my parents didn’t raise me to quit at the first sign of adversity—I believe that the problem with my introduction to Coke in these parts was that the employees at the McDonald’s in Dubai International Airport actually gave me Coke Zero.  In my book that stuff just ain’t right.  But my point is that it was a simple mistake (cue Men at Work).

That said, I do drink too much Coke, I know that. So maybe the well-meaning McDonald’s employees were giving me a subtle hint to cut back.  Yeah, we’ll go with that interpretation.  It wasn’t a mistake (cancel the Aussie background music) it was out of genuine concern for my well-being (cue some righteous Orchestral Manouevers in the Dark).  Thanks, DBX McDonald’s!

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