Saturday, August 22, 2009

Help me, I think I've lost my wife!

Last night Mali and I went to the local mall--our first date night in Thailand! First of all, let me tell you how much the Thais love their malls, and this one is huge. It's got seven floors! And the food choices, oh my goodness. I'm pretty sure that fully half of the 100 or so restaurants in this mall are Japanese food. And with scores of choices, we ate at KFC. But let me tell you, the KFC here has a kick, and I like it.

But I digress.

Mali and I were in Central--take of the department store of your choice; Macy's, Nordstroms, or Bloomingdales. Then put that department store on steroids. That is Central. Mali was in Central shopping for girlie stuff, so I wandered out the door to go look at one of the more manly shops, namely a couple of places that sell soccer shoes.

After a bit I went back into Central to find Mali, and I had a really difficult time locating her in the store. For perhaps the first time in our married life I could not fall back on my tried-and-true method for hunting her down in any public place: look for the Asian lady just under five-foot-four.

My problem: in the womens department at Central in Thailand, almost all of the people there are Asian ladies under five-foot-four. So I had to switch to Plan B, which I have had occasion to utilize a few times in California and Virginia.

I had to look for the smoking hot Asian lady just under five-foot-four.

I found her almost immediately.

On the other hand, Mali said that it was very easy to spot me.


  1. Love the picture of Soderblogger - SCARY!! I love your blog - keep the funny stuff coming. We missed you in Ward Council - just not the same.

  2. Brent, really funny about the under 5'4" Asian women. Had a similar experience in Japan. Seriously though, "hot"?!! Really, gross, you are talking about my sister! hahah