Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mornings in Lumpini

If I had realized how much interesting stuff happened in Lumpini Park in the mornings, I could have had an entire series of blog posts.  Of course that would require I log in more often and actually write, but my laziness is another story altogether.

So, of the crazy/weird/cool things I've witnessed while running in Lumpini Park in the morning, here are some of the highlights:
  • Hundreds of people doing tai chi.  I mean literally hundreds.  Groups all over the park, doing their best to keep it serene.  I have no doubt most of them could easily kick my trash.
  • Hands down the gnarliest tai chi folks out there are the group of ladies who use the folding fans.  Wicked awesome to hear them snap those fans open and shut.  They move so gracefully, it's truly amazing to watch.
  • Not to be outdone, the dozens of folks doing high-energy aerobics near the Rama VI statue at the southwest corner of the park.  I've actually seen these groups in many cities around Thailand, and I always find them interesting.  You've got the Energizer Bunny leading the exercise, and maybe half a dozen people who can match their pace.  And you've got a few others barely moving at all.  And of course there are the guys there trying to pick up chicks, but don't want to sweat while doing it.
  • Various political rallies--People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD, also known as "yellow-shirt") were out this morning.  Last Friday night (channeling Katy Perry, anyone?) another group was talking against constitutional amendments.  Lots of railing against the current government, while the vendors hawk their wares--including some of my favorite street foods (grilled pork, fried chicken, and sticky rice)--but no hints of violence or taking over major intersections and paralyzing parts of the city.
  • Guys practicing their golf swings by hitting ice cubes into the lake.  Literally the coolest thing I've seen at Lumpini.  Get it?  Coolest...
  • Drum lines and marching band practice.  Well, I think they were a marching band, but truth be told, the weren't marching.  They were just kind of...sitting and playing.
  • Ninjas on bicycles.  I get why people cover themselves from head to toe with spandex, I understand that Thais don't want to get dark skin.  But why on earth would you wear all black while riding a bicycle at 10:30 in the morning?  It's HOT, people!

Of course the wildest thing has been this crazy American who runs around the park with no shoes on...


  1. You paint a fascinating picture - without pictures! Sounds like a cool place. As long as it's peaceful, I'll keep it on my list of must-visit places someday.

  2. Bangkok is definitely worth seeing, but I'm admittedly biased towards Asia in general and specifically Southeast Asia. And if you go there, a Saturday morning walk around Lumpini Park is a truly interesting spectacle.