Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Wife Would Say I'm Crazy, I'd Say I Just Accepted a Challenge

This evening I wandered up to our old neighborhood to look for some stuff for Mali and to play some soccer.  Successful on the first agenda item, not so much on the second.  I should have known better--today was a Buddhist holiday, so the school was closed, and past experience is that when the school is closed, the guys don't show up to play soccer.

Oh, I forgot to mention--I'm back in Bangkok on a temporary assignment, so Mali and the kids are back in Virginia without me.  I should blog about why I'm here and what I've done.  Later.

But back to my immediate situation.  No soccer.  I was totally bummed, because I loves to play me some soccer.  But there I was, all dressed up with nobody there to play.  What to do, what to do.  I had to get home, but I also wanted to get some exercise (I'm supposed to be running the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Washington DC next week).  My options were:

A) Hail a taxi and have it take me to the train station.  That's the sensible solution, that's the thing that Mali would prefer I do.
B) Run to the train station.  It's only about 10 miles.

Naturally, I went with Option B.  Ten miles, with a backpack that weighed roughly eight pounds.  In Thailand.  It was awesome.

And for the record, Mali did say I was crazy when I told her what I did.  She also asked me to not tell her when I do things like that.  Man, I love that woman!


  1. Your life is so much fun to follow. Who woulda thunk the funny kid who drew me such great pictures in seminary would be running through Thailand to catch a train? Good luck on your run next week. We will be running on St. Paddy's day, did you realize that? I think that means good luck, if we are wearing green. BTW, the word verification for this post is "wesee roadspec" which I'm sure has a profound meaning in the running world. I'm just not sure what yet...

  2. Yeah, I realized we're running on St. Paddy's day, and I only have one green running shirt--my initial thought is that it might be too heavy, but I have to remember that right now I'm in Bangkok where it is ridiculously hot, and I'll be running in much cooler temps, so it might actually work. That said, I'm tempted to drop into Dick's on my way home from the airport next week and snag a nice green Under Armour shirt for the run (you cannot find that here in Thailand).

  3. Glad you ran. Gotta get those miles in every day. Do a few extra for me. You've got one thing for sure though, Mali is the perfect woman.

    Post soon why you're back on our side of the planet. Believe me...I've got time to read it.

  4. I would have gone with option A! Good luck with the marathon.