Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random Thoughts While Sitting in Suvannaphoum Airport Waiting to Board My Flight to Korea

  • Running shorts--seriously, dude?  I mean, I understand that you want to be comfortable, especially on a long flight.  But for the sake of all that is good and decent in the world, to say nothing of thinking about the kids, this probably isn't the right time and place to be cruising around in your racing trunks.
  • On the flip side, to the lady in front of me at the security checkpoint who needed five minutes to remove all the jewelry and then looked shocked when you were also told you needed to remove your six-inch wedge-heeled shoes: it's an international flight, not a fashion show.  It's totally cool to dress down just a touch.
  • I broke my streak of eating at the Burger King in this airport for something like 163 consecutive trips (I would get a Whopper before every flight from this airport, including in-country trips).  But the streak ended mostly because I hadn't had any Pizza Company pizza on this trip, and it's right there, next to the Burger King.  Besides, they had a sweet upgrade deal that included a monster-size Pepsi.
  • Now watch, that same lady I mentioned earlier is going to be sitting next to me on the flight.  And she will be the most delightful  conversationalist.  Because karma has a wicked sense of humor like that.
  • Since when did Suvannaphoum start requiring you to remove your shoes during screening?  I've never had to do that before, and we' e already established that I have transited this airport at least 163 times before today.
  • Just discovered that Pizza Company's Hawaiian pizza has not just ham, but bacon as well.  I knew there was a reason it was so good!
  • Fake crying by little kids trying to make their parents feel guilty in Slavic languages sounds remarkably similar to little kids fake crying trying to make their parents feel guilty in English.  And Thai, too.
  • To the older gentleman sleeping sprawled across a few chairs, shirt unbuttoned all the way and wide open: are you by chance related to the dude wearing the track shorts?
  • I want it on the record that I don't actually have anything against women wearing jewelry and/or high heels. Except when it disrupts my attempts to pass through airport security quickly and efficiently.
  • Why do I have the sinking feeling that we won't actually board the plane directly, but rather will get on one of those people movers and drive halfway around the airport first? And this is a BIG airport.
  • At what point during the flight will I regret guzzling that monster-size Pepsi?
  • By the way, if you're going to load passengers on the shuttles and then drive them to the plane, there's really no point in calling for people with small children or special boarding needs to board first.
  • I will refrain from commenting on the boarding process, except to tell the (literally) pushy Korean lady behind me that when I've stopped moving, it's because I can't move because there are people in front of me blocking the aisle.  Please stop pushing my backpack.  Yes, I can feel you pushing me. Just. Stop.
  • Well, what do you know--we did board the plane directly.

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