Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random Thoughts While Sitting in Incheon Airport Waiting to Board My Flight Home

  • A lot of Koreans, mostly of middle-age, appear to consider air travel an experience somewhat akin to a summit attempt on Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I haven't seen so many people wearing expedition-style pants and Gore-Tex jackets since the last time I was at an REI attic sale. 
  • This airport could really use a McDonalds.  I'm hungry.
  • What if all those people actually are going on a Kilimanjaro summit expedition?  Boy, would I feel foolish. 
  • No McDonalds, but guess what I did find--Burger King!
  • Of course I'm going to try it.  Did you really need to ask?
  • I anticipate that at any moment a flash mob will break out with Gangnam Style.
  • There is no shame in eating a Whopper for breakfast.
  • No sign of Mr. Running Shorts.  Yet.
  • It is cooler here in Korea than Thailand, so maybe he found some expedition trousers to keep his legs from getting chilly.
  • Kudos to Burger King--one of the reasons I like BK is the global consistency of the Whopper.
  • The K-Pop being played on the TVs in the food court is pretty catchy.
  • Is it just me, or is there a lot of English used in K-Pop?
  • Still waiting for that Gangnam Style flash mob.
  • Where are the trash cans in this place?  I can't find one to save my life.
  • No matter which side of the moving walkway I'm supposed to stand on so others can walk and pass me, regardless of the country or airport, I'm apparently doing it wrong.
  • I'm considering filing a complaint with the airport and tourism authorities.  The lack of anyone doing Gangnam Style has me questioning Korea's cultural pride.
  • Before anyone gets annoyed when their flight is delayed for aircraft maintenance, they should probably consider the possibilities of flying in an unmaintained aircraft.

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